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SUNDAY 09.00–12.00 Indoor shooting, October–May

Contact: Bob Warrington 01753 883486


Badminton for Adults

WEDNESDAY 10.00–12.00 & 13.30–15.30

All year round activity for experienced players. Friendly group. All fees paid in advance.

Enquiries: White Hill Centre office on 01494 775190

Chesham Pioneers Bowls Club

FRIDAY 10.00–13.00

A club for blind and partially-sighted bowlers. New members welcome.
01494 775190 or Olly Platter 01494 715461

Indoor Short Mat Bowla

MON 13.00–15.30 & THURS 10.00–13.00

No experience needed. A fun afternoon of gentle exercise.

Enquiries: White Hill Centre office on 01494 775190

Keep Fit

THURSDAYS 14.00–15.00

Fun class – stay active and maintain mobility.
Enquiries: White Hill Centre office on 01494 775190

martial arts, chesham


WED 19.30–21.30 & SUN 10.00-12.00

Non-aggressive self-defence.

Contact: Chris Dolling on 07778 265622 or email

Pilates at white Hill CentrePilates

MONDAY 11.00–12.00

Beginners and improvers. Pilates works from inside out to strengthen your core and mobilise your spine. Trish is a trained dancer and choreographer
Contact: Trish on 07758 382528

Slimming World

FRIDAY 09.00–11.00 & 11.00-13.30

A warm and supportive group. and 11.30am. All welcome.

Contact: Liz 07922 595272

BadmintonSunday Badminton

SUNDAY 20.00–22.00

Friendly badminton group for all ages and levels.

Contact Sally Hamilton 01494 783664

Table Tennis

MON 13.00–16.00 & WED 13.00–16.00

Enquiries: White Hill Centre office on 01494 775190


TUESDAY 11.00–12.00

A Chinese form of ‘meditation’ within movement performed in a slow and relaxed way.

Contact Peter Warr 07885 646365

U3A Bowls Group

FRIDAY 13.30–15.30

Open to members of U3A. Enjoyable; involving tactics and some skill, not taken too seriously.

Contact: Margaret Stickland 01494 431698

Vivre Exercise

Currently occasional sessions

Friendly exercise classes for all levels. Pay per class or unlimited classes for a monthly fee

Contact: Heather Blakeborough
07812 078401

Yoga – Hatha Yoga

TUES 18.30-20.00

For movement – alignment, rhythm and flow. Standing and sitting poses – balance, bends, inversions and twists, followed by relaxation or meditation.

Email Halina

Yoga – Yin Yoga

TUES 20.00-21.00

Emphasizes stillness, core softness and surrender. Slow, deep passive stretches expands flexibility and increase energy flow.

Email Halina