Membership of Chesham and District Community Association is essential to attend one of the activities run by White Hill Centre, and it enables the day-to-day running of the centre and maintenance of the buildings.

It is not necessary for classes run by external organisations or businesses, however, membership is an essential source of funding for our charity, and all are welcome to join.

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  • Single adult (over 18): £8.00
  • Juniors (under 18, or in full time education up to age 21): £4.00
  • Over 60s: £6.00

Membership fees are renewable on 1st September every year, forms are available from the office. (Online payments will be possible soon).

New members joining after 1st May can pay for ½ a year from June 1st enjoy 15 months for the same price of one year’s subscription.

A reduction of 20% in the total rental is also possible where 100% of a club’s members are full members of the Association on or before 1st November in any year.

Membership Benefits

Our community centre is open to all, but members can additionally benefit from:
  • Discounts on room hire
  • Invitation to the AGM and the opportunity to vote on the future of White Hill Centre
  • Become a volunteer and assist in the running of White Hill Centre
  • Opportunity to be part of one of the Committees or a Trustee and have a say on what happens at White Hill Centre.